Hello everyone! I know you can't wait for "the Writing Week". This week we'll be looking at:

- Brainstorming and drafting techniques
- Basic paragraph writing techniques and exercises (select "Start Writing now")
- Revision and error analysis strategies
- Punctuation basics
- Vocabulary improvement

Finally, I do believe that one of the best ways to improve your writing is WRITING. Especially writing to English-speaking people. So a very good idea is to find a penpal that's learning your language, and collaborate to unite efforts in your learning process. Therefore we'll also have a look at:

- Social Networks to learn English, namely:
Language Exchange Community
Friends Abroad

Never before has it been so easy to practice a language! Hope you make the most of it.

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Laura dijo...

María is a person who was previously a workmate. I knew a lot of years ago and we made us friends inmediately. She is very nice and has a lot of free time to accompany me because she is now working on her own. María is very funny and you never get bored in her company. She is a very happy person who makes you enjoy whatever moment in a trip and she is a very tidy person like me, which I appreciate very much.

Laura dijo...

IF I WON A TRIP TO HAWAII I WOULD CHOOSE MY SISTER TO COME WITH ME. She is very hardworking in her work and i admire this of her. She is my best friend and she is very nice. I always travel with her. I feel very relax when i am with her and is a good companion for me. I can't think of anyone better to take to Hawaii than Delia.