New Writing Exercise!

Do you remember Essay Punch? The website that helped us write a paragraph about who you'd take to Hawaii? Did you find it useful and/or enjoyable?

I've just found out that they have a new (and free!) exercise available for you. This time the instruction is the following:

"One of your friends knows all about dolphins. Another can sing all the songs Michael Jackson ever wrote. Almost everyone has an interest, talent, or hobby that makes him or her an "expert" in some area. Describe an activity or area about which you are especially knowledgeable."

Would you like to try writing a new paragraph with them? Remember: you just have to go to the home page, select "Start Writing Now" (which is on the left, at the beginning of the list), and follow the instructions.

When you think that your paragraph is ready, just send it over to me and I'll have a look.

Good luck!

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