Writing Week (II)

Here we go again. I found some "jewels" to keep on working in this "writing week". Let's see some of them:

If you want to remember what we did the last day, there is a website for children where you can watch this video about how to write a paragraph. Then you can take a quiz, why not? To test whether you got the idea. Here is an
"easy" one and here you are a "hard" one.

Choosing one or another word has a direct effect on the text you're writing. We'll work on it in class, but here I collected a series of tales that were written "in a different way". They're the "Politically Correct Bedtime Stories", by James Finn Garner. The words in these tales are carefully chosen! Some examples:
- Politically Correct Three Little Pigs
- Politically Correct Little Red Riding Hood

- Reading lots and lots.
- Doing specific exercises. More exercises here. You need a lifetime to do them all!
- Going to specific websites. Examples:
*how to record vocabulary
*how to improve your vocabulary
*dictionary entries
*finding new ways to say something

You can have a look at a very useful site you might already know: click here for a thorough explanation of the comma, the period, the colon, etc.

More explanations and exercises on commas here.

Easy exercise: capital letters and full stops. Another one on commas. REALLY NICE!
Medium difficulty exercise: apostrophes and commas.
Hard exercise: look at a text with and without punctuation.
Punctuation games by the British Council: punctuate different texts correctly.
Exercises on commas.

After having overcome your "commaitis", you can try to write longer sentences here.

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