Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The big Irish party is taking place TODAY, 17th March. It's St. Patrick's, the day of the patron saint of Ireland. All around the world people feast this event. Are you in for any party tonight?

To read some info on St. Patrick, click here.

Irish are everywhere! Would you like to see how the party is celebrated in Chicago? Access this site then. They even dye the river green!
Here is how they celebrate it in Dublin. Have a look at a slideshow of this year's parade in New York too.

To watch a video about the history of the event, click here. It's only 3:33 minutes long, but you have more videos on the same site (just select them on the right).

The Simpsons go green too! Click here to watch the clip.

Finally, to take a quiz on "All things Irish", click here.

Just one more thing to say: Slainte! ("Cheers" in Irish)

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