Learn English with videos and improve your pronunciation

Hi there!

Are you having a nice weekend? Me too, thank you very much. Just a couple of suggestions to keep you busy for a few minutes:

- Do you enjoy watching videos in English but miss the transcription (AND the translation, why not?) of the words in them? Then this is your site: yappr, a great source of videos made just for you. You can browse them either by categories or levels. There is a huge variety of videos (TV ads, music, movie extracts, sports...) and they're updated daily.

- Tired of trying to pronounce English correctly? Why don't you go and visit YAKIToMe? It's a great site to improve your pronunciation. An explanation of how it works here. Hope you try it and tell me if it worked for you. Don't get disappointed by the fact that you need to register, because it's worth it!

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