Improving your reading

How can we improve our reading skills?

1- Reading "more". More often, more texts, more variety.... What can we read?
a. Online newspapers (website including newspapers from all over the world. Select the continent, the country and the paper you're interested in).
b. Wacky and interesting (real) stories: Ananova and Digg it (Menéame version in English)
c. Literature excerpts (with audio)
d. Penguin's dossiers, sorted by topic. Audio included.
e. Blogs

2- Doing "Reading" exercises:
a. Miscellaneous advanced exercises
b. Wonderful site with texts, audio and different sorts of exercises (multiple choice, vocabulary, etc)
c. Reading resources: texts, audio and exercises of different levels.

3- Skills: Read general advice on how to improve your reading skills. Here too.

I hope you enjoy these sites.

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