A different approach to the news

Would you like to know about current events in English? Are you tired of reading the news on the paper? Don't you have satellite TV?

If you have answered YES to at least one of the questions, why not try this different approach, then?

Instead of reading the news, you can try and watch mini-videos about them.

1. One wonderful website is Yahoo News. If you click here, you'll have access to lots of 30-second videos of the latest news. The clips are taken from different TV channels (ABC, BBC News, FOX, CBS, etc) and they are also classified into different categories and topics: Sports, Technology, Entertainment... You even have a section of Odd News!

2. Another very interesting resource is the Audio Slideshow Gallery at the Reuters site. You'll have access to "the pictures of the week", which are shown AND explained at the same time. The audio clip takes about 2 minutes and the photographs are amazing! Do give it a go.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

PS: some other day I'll give you links of newspapers where you can actually READ the news. Why not?

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