Listening links

Listening quizzes for all levels.

News in English in many different channels. Listen to live programmes or recorded ones.

Storytellers perform their stories for you! Both children and adults are welcome.

Very famous people being interviewed. Take your pick. There are actors, composers, singers, politicians, scientists, sports personalities… I wouldn’t believe you if you said you’re not interested in any of them!

Listen to everyday English conversations. Useful also for developing your speaking skills and your fluency.

Watch TV on the net. Hundreds of videos to play and listen to.

Listening comprehension exercises on various topics.

This is a radio devised specially for students of English, which offers a variety of programmes running all day. They deal with specific aspects of the four skills + grammar and vocabulary. Very, very interesting.

Listen to and watch video, music, pictures and more. Specially designed for students of English too.

Listen to the sounds of English and improve your pronunciation. Watch a video of the mouth pronouncing vowels and consonants.

Drama, prose, poetry, children’s stories… Many of them are read aloud in English! Very entertaining. Their free audio clips provide an excellent resource for students and literature lovers of all ages.

It has audio, video and animated tiny lessons for those tricky, idiomatic parts of the English language.

News Radio for English learners

English Language Listening Lab Online. Here you can practice and learn English by listening to English speakers from all over the world. Games, Songs… etc.

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